Watch Dogs Legion Info Leaked

The next Watch Dogs has been rumoured to be set in London for the longest time, but an Amazon UK listing (now removed) may have revealed a bit more ahead of time!

Titled Watch Dogs Legion, the game sees you playing in a post-Brexit London where you’ll be able to control any NPC in the game, who have their own individual set of animations, character traits and voice over. How this is handled will be fascinating. How far will the control go? Can you complete the game as an NPC (which makes them not an NPC any more)? Will you have to “jump” from NPC to NPC to complete tasks as you normally do in security systems in a Watch Dogs game? There are some interesting possibilities there.

Watch Dogs introduced an interesting hacking dynamic that allowed you to travel through security systems. That should work well in a city with one of the highest numbers of security cameras in the world. Some estimates put the number of cameras at one for every 14 people. Mass surveillance may be intrusive in real life but in a videogame like Watch Dogs it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. And a whole new world of intrusion. It will be interesting to see if there are any moral or ethical choices to be made, or if any commentary about unchecked mass surveillance is included in the game.

Would you play a new Watch Dogs game like this?