Wargaming (World of Tanks) Purchases Aussie Company BigWorld

While I can’t personally attest to have played it, Wargaming’s World of Tanks is one of the major success stories of the Free To Play MMO world – boasting 30 million subscribers and spinning off into a plane focused MMO next year (World of Warplanes). So you may be wondering how and why it ties into Australia? Well, Wargaming have just announced that they’ve purchased Sydney-based middleware developer BigWorld for $45m, a move they believe will solidify their dominance in the F2P MMO market as well as lay down the foundations of future expansion.

While BigWorld might not be the most well known name in the Australian gaming scene, they’ve definitely made a mark on the world, providing middleware focused specifically on MMO’s. Primarily their middleware is licensed in the Asian F2P market (in addition to Wargaming’s own wares), but their middleware would’ve been used in 38 Studio’s Copernicus, if it ever got a release. But in any case, Wargaming recongize it as a massive get, with their CEO Victor Kislyi referring to the acquisiation as “a pivotal event that further reinforces Wargaming’s growth and expansion”.


Over on the BigWorld side, CEO John De Margheriti is just as excited about the deal – believing that their technology will reinforce the already formidable Wargaming and in addition, “broadening the company’s technical expertise and knowledge in the industry, and helping it excel its unique creativity and experience.” Otherwise, good to hear another success story for the Australian Gaming Industry. Could use a bit more of them nowadays…