Valve Announces Dota Underlords

With E3 2019 wrapping up, there’s still time for new video games to get revealed as Valve has proven. The company has announced Dota Underlords, its official version of the popular Dota Auto Chess mod. Dota Underlords will be a standalone release and won’t require the Dota client. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Auto Chess sees eight players battling it out to take control of the map by assembling and building up a crew in a slate of auto battles.

You won’t have to wait long to give this a shot, as anyone who owns a current Dota 2 Battle Pass will be able to start trying it out and helping to stress test today. The game will then shift into Open Beta the following week, which will be available across all iterations of the Steam Client, plus iOS & Android devices, with the game supporting cross-play and shared progression across all devices. Valve had intended to work with Auto Chess creators Drodo Studio on an official version, but could not work together for “a variety of reasons”. The news comes as Drodo announced Auto Chess coming to the Epic Games Store, plus continuing to work on their mobile version of the game.