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Hold The Line: Thoughts On Switch Online and Nintendo’s Online Heritage

With days until E3 2017, Nintendo re-announced its paid online suite for the Switch, clarifying details in newspaper interviews and press conferences. There are three big takeaways from the announcement: The service will cost $AU29.95 for a yearly subscription; You’ll be able to pay for the service in 2018, with 2017 remaining free for all users;

Rodea: The Sky Soldier Review

Rodea the Sky Soldier is the latest game from Prope, a company comprised of members from Sega’s old Sonic Team. They’ve developed games like Ivy the Kiwi?, Digimon Adventure and StreetPass Mansion. Rodea was completed for the Wii in 2011 — and then it disappeared entirely. The 3DS version was discussed a couple of years

Nintendo Direct 09/04/14 Report – Smashing!

With the year creeping along ever slowly, one game that’s still quite unknown at this point is Super Smash Bros for 3DS & Wii U. All we know is characters, and not much else. That said, Nintendo held themselves a Nintendo Direct to explain quite a lot on the upcoming fighter. 

Nintendo Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Results Briefing Report

Despite having some interesting and noteworthy titles coming out in 2014, there have been numerous reports that Nintendo are reporting significant losses, as well as experiencing issues in selling the WiiU to consumers. This was a recurring theme in Nintendo’s end of financial year report, in which CEO Satoru Iwata revealed quite a few tidbits

Dimensional Downgrade: Nintendo 2DS announced [Updated]

In recent news, Nintendo has announced the arrival of a new console within their portable family, titled the Nintendo 2DS. Marking the third iteration of Nintendo’s current generation portable consoles, the Nintendo 2DS offers a completely new form factor, ditching the flip top Game and Watch-esque format and instead donning a solid tablet-like appearance. As one can

Nintendo Direct – 15/2/13 Recap

This morning was one of those times where Nintendo head Satoru Iwata decided to break some news, hosting not one, but two Nintendo Directs this morning! There was one for Japanese audiences, plus one for the American/European audiences – the only difference being that the English variant had more WiiU related news, plus news on

Opinion – You Need A Second Screen To Read This

One of the weirder trends in tech is the idea of the ‘second screen,’ where your phone/tablet/whatever is beaming additional information while you’re watching something on your main screen. It’s an idea that’s been heavily supported by television networks for a while as a means of getting discussion going on social networks. And thanks to