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Playstation 4: It's Real, And It's Coming This Year

So after weeks of hype from Sony themselves, plus developers around them, it finally happened. Sony today announced the Playstation 4 at their 2013 Playstation Meeting event in New York. They announced the console in a two hour event, showing off just what the system is capable of, some of the games that’ll be hitting

Rayman Legends Delayed Till September, Loses Wii U Exclusivity

In what has to be one of the most surprising and yet unsurprising moves of recent times, Ubisoft have made two huge announcements regarding the upcoming Rayman Legends. Firstly, if you were looking forward to playing it in a few weeks time, I suggest you put that looking forward somewhere else, because the game has

THQ Auction Results Detailed, Who Goes Where?

After what feels forever,  the long downward spiral of THQ looks to have finally ended, with the company putting up its studios and IPs for auction yesterday. While not everything was scooped up initially, a huge bunch of THQ was sold, and we now know how much was spent and who owns what’s left of

Open Worlds: Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference

Meet Tobuscus, YouTube celebrity. He helped present this year’s Ubisoft’s press conference alongside Aisha Tyler, and by present, I mean awkwardly drive the show to a grinding halt. Can you tell I wasn’t impressed with his performance? I have a theory about this: From laser tag to breathing trainers to *shudder* Mr. Caffeine, Ubisoft’s previous E3 events kinda