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A Strain of Influencers: EA Play at E3 2017

Around this time every year, EA likes to remind us that it does things differently to the rest of the industry; just look atĀ last year’s Los Angeles-London show and the developer-centric show from years before. This time around, EA continued to defy expectation with its EA Play event, and like last year it was a

Ultimate Team: EA's E3 2015 Press Conference

6am AEST brought us the gaming bounty that EA had to offer, with a lot of familiar titles coming back for another iteration, and even some new IPs. Here’s the lowdown. The show started with a teaser for the next Mass Effect game, subtitled Andromeda. That’s all. The first real announcement however was Need For

Disney Infinity 3.0 Announced

Disney announced the third iteration of its Disney Infinity franchise, Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition, featuring characters from the Star Wars universe and contributions from various development studios. Three separate playsets will show off the major eras of the Star Wars franchise. The starting set, Twilight of the RepublicĀ  is set around the Clone Wars TV

EA & Disney Announce Exclusive Star Wars Games Deal

So, this was a bit of a surprise. Imagine waking up this morning with little to no hints that something was going to happen to the fate of Star Wars video games, and here we are. Today, The Walt Disney Corporation and Electronic Arts have announced a multi-year partnership in which EA will be making

Disney Closes Lucasarts

One of the most shocking purchases of last year saw Disney accquring Lucasfilm and pretty much all its assets, including its venerable game developer Lucasarts. Sure, they hadn’t been on the greatest streak of late, with the less said about Kinect Star Wars & The Force Unleashed II the better, but Star Wars 1313 looked