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OPINION: The Best Time To Get Into Nioh 2 Is Now

As we’ve experienced a blockbuster half year on account of video gaming, its not unusual for a few refined titles to fly under the radar. One in particular that I absolutely adore is Nioh 2; the follow up to one of 2017’s best games. While it is an action adventure game at heart, it primarily

Opinion – All That Marvels…

A scary thought popped into my mind. It’s been seven years since Marvel began its Cinematic Universe, and it’s crazy to see the amount of progress Marvel has made in that time. There have been eleven movies, two TV series (including one Netflix series) and plenty more to come. And I think with film 11,

Opinion – Nintendo Digitally Direct

Five years ago, I couldn’t seriously picture myself engaging in as many digitally distributed games as I do now. They were all stupidly expensive, had no real benefit over the physical version and took way too long to download. Nowadays? They’re still expensive, but it’s become a more accepted method of acquiring video games, thanks

Opinion – The Not So Ugly Side Of Transmedia

Transmedia can be an easy target. After all, there are so many terrible book and film adaptations in video games, and developers often have recourse to use cutscenes to tell the story, which highlights the difficulties of delivering a narrative in-game; Max Payne 3 received a lot of criticism for delivering a narrative too dependent on cutscenes. One

Opinion – Stories Worth Fighting For

We are frequently debating about whether fighting games should have stories. After all, these are games that are primarily designed for competition or to be played with other people, single player is mostly treated as one of three things: Training for the online/multiplayer game, an afterthought, or the unnecessary focus of the game that takes

Opinion – The Trouble With Transmedia

There’s been some hype as of late for MMO shooter Defiance. For the longest time, all I’d heard about the game was it involved publisher/developer Trion Worlds, creators of the semi-successful MMO Rift, and that people were excited for it. And you know what? All this got me somewhat interested in the game…and then I

Opinion – The Day The Music (And A Part Of Me) Died

Next week, Harmonix will release the final downloadable song for its stable of Rock Band games, ending an 275-week streak of song releases. And sure, not all of the 4,000 tracks were winners — insert your own Nickelback joke here, folks — but it was comforting to know that every week, I could rely on

Opinion – This Crowdfunded Year

You ever heard of the phrase “put your money where your mouth is”? That’s the point behind crowdfunding and crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. While these sites have been around for a good long while now, it’s been a little over a year since the video game industry discovered them. And it’s still kinda

Opinion – Pre Orders With No Order

As far as publishers go, I really do love WB Games. They never really seem like they’re overmanaging or interfering with creative decisions in the interest of profiteering, plus they make some pretty wise investments into development studios that have payed out well for them. Plus, they’re a big third party publisher on Nintendo platforms

Opinion – The Great Experiment

You can’t often accuse game franchises of innovation. Sure, a quality first game pushes the possibilities of graphics, storytelling or gameplay, but once that franchise becomes, say, three games old, they become more of the same, pandering harder and harder to a dwindling group of core fans. Look at The Sims 3, Uncharted 3 or