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Don't Stop Believin': Nintendo Direct 02/04/15

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D isn’t the only major Nintendo thing that happened today. Yesterday, the company announced that they’ll be holding a Nintendo Direct the following day, and it was another entertaining and informative special. 

A 3DS Valentine: Nintendo Direct: 15/01/15

Nintendo has kicked off the year with a stunning Direct presentation. From release dates for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Majora’s Mask to a bunch of new game announcements, the Direct ran for three quarters of an hour and revealed tons of information about already known games and revealed a few new ones!

Hyah! Etc.: Nintendo Direct 6/11/2014

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. Yup, Majora’s Mask. 3D. Amidst a Nintendo Direct focussing on 2015, featuring a whole mess of 2015 details,  a cavalcade of indie titles and the first appearance of Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata since his hospitalisation earlier this year, it was the above seven words that caused the

Metroid in Monster Hunter: Nintendo Direct 08/10/14

On Wednesday, Nintendo of Japan held a Direct for the upcoming 3DS game, Monster Hunter 4G. The game is due to release in Japan in just three days, and will be hitting the West under the name ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ early next year. The Nintendo Direct was 27 minutes and contained a number of

New 3DS Console: Nintendo Direct 29/08/14

Nintendo aired their latest Nintendo Direct presentation tonight. It focused on the 3DS, and was for game news specific to Japan. It ran for 32 minutes and revealed a number of fresh game details and even a whole new console! Yes, you read that correctly. Read on to find out what was announced.

Comic Mischief: Nintendo Direct 30/4/14

Nintendo might be taking a bit of a left turn. Its last Nintendo Direct, for the upcoming 3DS title Tomodachi Life, was effectively an endorsement of Deviantart’s Iwata/Miyamoto fan-fiction, and earlier today, the company teamed up with Mega64 to reveal its E3 plans via robot Reggie. Now Nintendo has channelled the spirit of late-night television to

Nintendo Announces E3 2014 Plans

Nintendo has announced its plans for E3 2014, which will pick up where the company left off last year and eschew the traditional press conference in favour of livestreams and periphery events. Central to this is the Nintendo Digital Event, which, like its Nintendo Direct videos and last year’s E3 package, will reveal new games

Nintendo Direct 09/04/14 Report – Smashing!

With the year creeping along ever slowly, one game that’s still quite unknown at this point is Super Smash Bros for 3DS & Wii U. All we know is characters, and not much else. That said, Nintendo held themselves a Nintendo Direct to explain quite a lot on the upcoming fighter.