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Australia confirmed for Titanfall servers

In breaking news, Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment has took to Twitter to set the record straight; Australia will be getting local servers for Titanfall. Beginning this Friday morning, EA, Microsoft and Respawn Entertainment are all working in tandem to make amends for the Australian Titanfall community by rolling out local servers and increasing capacity

Microsoft Acquires Gears of War IP

It may come to a surprise for most people to learn that Microsoft never owned the Gears of War IP, they were just the publisher. That honour belonged with Epic, whom if they chose, could publisher further entries on competing platforms. That isn’t the case any longer, as Microsoft have today announced they have acquired

Xbox One Drops Controversial DRM

Ever since the Xbox One was announced, it’s been met with an insane amount of backlash for a console that hasn’t even been released yet. You can thank most of that with Microsoft announcing a number of DRM measures that proved to be unpopular as all hell. Not even at E3, where whilst Microsoft did

But What About Television?! Microsoft's E3 Event

I imagine in the lead-up to Microsoft’s E3 press conference, management were playing that video from the previous Xbox One reveal – you know the one I’m talking about – because this event had nary a mention of teevee, spawts or collar dooty. It was all video games, all the time. Aside from the games,

Opinion – My Ideal Console

8 core processor! 800mHz DirectX 11.1! Higher skeletal detection!! 1.21 GIGAWATTS OF RAW GAME PROCESSING POWER!! These are but some of the rumoured specs being thrown around for the upcoming Sony and Microsoft consoles. I couldn’t recall them off the top of my head and I probably won’t remember them by the end of this

Sports! Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

Microsoft’s press events tend to flip between two different audiences: The ‘core’ gamer and the morning-show crowd. For every Gears of War or Halo gameplay demo there’s a TV partnership or an all-audienes Kinect game. This year was no different; if anything, the two seemed to be heavily separated.