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Opinion – The Not So Ugly Side Of Transmedia

Transmedia can be an easy target. After all, there are so many terrible book and film adaptations in video games, and developers often have recourse to use cutscenes to tell the story, which highlights the difficulties of delivering a narrative in-game; Max Payne 3 received a lot of criticism for delivering a narrative too dependent on cutscenes. One

Opinion – The Characters That Make The Game

Seeing Mass Effect 3 pop up on a number of GOTY lists, despite the vocal group who still speak of that game through gnashing teeth, reminded me of my feelings about that game and the Mass Effect franchise as whole. I am seemingly one of the few people at peace with Mass Effect 3’s original

Aussies At MLG Dallas

Something we don’t see a lot in the eSports scene is Aussies competing in the large international tournaments. As it happens, this weekend we have 11 of Australia’s finest Starcraft and Halo players heading to Major League Gaming’s Dallas event running from the 2nd till the 4th of November (3-5 for Australia) competing for over

Sports! Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

Microsoft’s press events tend to flip between two different audiences: The ‘core’ gamer and the morning-show crowd. For every Gears of War or Halo gameplay demo there’s a TV partnership or an all-audienes Kinect game. This year was no different; if anything, the two seemed to be heavily separated.