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Opinion – Gotta Catch 'Em All? Really?

My least favourite modern game design trope (and slowly creeping up to being my least favourite ever) is the ever present, never ending idea of in-game collectible items. Sure, it’s an easy way to introduce some element of replayability and artificially extend the time one plays a game, but more often than not it just

NGP Game of the Year 2012 – Jamie's Top Five

2012 was a bizarre year for video games. It was the year for games that made me feel really awful (thanks Spec Ops!), but also the year where genre and franchise revivals were at an all time high, mostly thanks to Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites. After all, did you expect a new Tex Murphy

Opinion – Beat Droppings

I’m someone who believes in licensed soundtracks. Of course I’ll always have a preference for original creations, but licensed soundtracks do help me into getting into new types of music, as well as do a fantastic job of setting a particular mood of a film or game or whatever. Which is why it absolutely pains