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Red, Yellow & Blue: Nintendo's E3 2014 Press Conference

As the final major press conference of the show, Nintendo certainly had some hard acts to follow. Then again, given the increasingly bizarre (yet watchable) videos Nintendo has put out recently, you would think it has got a few things up their sleeves. And guess what? Nintendo certainly did.

Woooo!! Part Twoooo!! Sony's E3 2014 Press Conference

Two years ago, Sony’s press conference was full of Woooo Boys, the kind of people that whooped and hollered at the drop of a microphone, hat or otherwise. It was also a different environment compared to today. Back then, Microsoft had the mild advantage and the PS4 was merely the dreams of fanboys and Sony

Blood on the Dancefloor: Ubisoft's E3 2014 Press Conference

From the opening minutes of Ubisoft’s press conference, we were greeted with a blood drenched, expletive-heavy ceremony from long-time publisher Ubisoft. Kicking off with an insight of Far Cry 4‘s manic antagonist in the form of a real-time rendered cutscene, it was clear that Ubisoft were aiming steadily towards a mature demographic. That is until

2015 Concept Video: EA's E3 2014 Press Conference

With not a lot to show but plenty of announcements, EA certainly had one of the more different feeling E3 press conferences in quite a while. While it wasn’t the two hour announcement extravaganza that was Microsoft’s presser, what was shown was notable. Right from the get go, EA CEO Andrew Wilson explained that the

In A Limbo State: Microsoft's E3 2014 Press Conference

About two-thirds into Microsoft’s press conference, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer, walked on to the stage wearing a Limbo shirt, unintentionally reflecting the current state of the Xbox One. This time last year, it was pitched as an All In One entertainment unit, the Kinect placed front and centre. Now, the console doesn’t

E3 2014 – Homefront: The Revolution Announced

Crytek has announced that is is working on Homefront: The Revolution, a sequel to THQ’s 2011 shooter Homefront. The game will follow on from its predecessor, pitching players in a near future Philadelphia occupied by North Korean troops. It is being developed by Crytek Nottingham, formerly known as Free Radical Design and previously responsible for the

EA Announce Battlefield: Hardline

With E3 on the horizon, EA have joined the pre–E3 announcement club by announcing one of the games they planned to formally show off at their E3 conference – Battlefield Hardline. It’ll be the first Battlefield game to be developed outside of DICE (Visceral Games are helming this one), and will be hitting later this

Nintendo Announces E3 2014 Plans

Nintendo has announced its plans for E3 2014, which will pick up where the company left off last year and eschew the traditional press conference in favour of livestreams and periphery events. Central to this is the Nintendo Digital Event, which, like its Nintendo Direct videos and last year’s E3 package, will reveal new games