"Make The Games You Want To Make"

Last month, ACMI hosted the panel Indie Development: Exploring The Fringe, one in a regular series of Re:Play panels organised by Freeplay. Over the night, independent game designer Farbs, developer and regular jam organiser Andrew Brophy and freelance artist Yangtian Li discussed their experiences with the indie gaming scene and some of the ways independent games are unlike

ACMI Game Masters: The Forums – The Collectors

Day 2 had one more forum, ‘The Collectors’, which was very aptly attended by our very own Serby from Weird & Retro. The last of the Gamemasters Forums featured a panel of international guests from a broad spectrum within the games industry to discuss the nature of not only collecting, but also the preservation of video

ACMI Game Masters: The Forums – State of Play

  As part of ACMI’s Game Masters exhibition, a series of forums were held on the first two days exploring video games and their place in our culture, featuring various local and international guests. New Game Plus were in attendance and I am happy to present you my coverage of the first of the panels: