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400 And Counting: Week 20 (Hi, My Name Is…)

It’s been another long week. Thankfully it wasn’t three actual weeks like last time, but a busy Easter has made it feel like it. I realise that this opening paragraph has been used mainly to complain about actually writing the blog, which is not only lazy, I’m sure, but also rather boring. I’ll try to

400 And Counting: Week 18 (You Want A Revolution)

I feel like I’m hitting my stride. It’s been a while since I’ve had a lowly four-movie week and I’m generally enjoying most of the films I’m watching. I still find that I’m watching less and less foreign movies since abandoning my computer (it just isn’t as cinematic) and, as a result, the SBS On

400 And Counting: Week 17 (Second Verse, Same As The First)

Last week I dived into the world of professional Magic: The Gathering; this week I’ve discovered a new podcast, The Worst Idea of All Time. In it, two friends watch and review a movie each week. That movie is Grown Ups 2. Every. Single Week. I’m only a few episodes in, but I love hearing

400 And Counting: Week 15 (I Like Your Old Stuff)

I’ve come to notice my viewing habits recently, and one of them was in full force this week. After work, or when I’m tired, I’m far more likely to just watch whatever is on TV or nearby, with a preference for films I’ve already seen. I guess being tired means I don’t want to put

400 And Counting: Week 14 (Once More With Feeling)

This has been a pretty quiet film week for me. I did get to do some fun non-movie things. I saw Neil Gaiman at the Athenaeum Theatre, where he read some stories, including a longer piece, The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains, which had live music and pictures by Eddie Campbell (the

400 And Counting: Week 12 (All My Friends)

This week I turned 25 years old. This meant a number of things for me, including, for the purposes of this blog, a Blu-ray player. Just what I needed: Another excuse not to use the SBS On Demand service, the one this blog was originally intended for. Oh well. So far I’ve only watched one

400 And Counting: Week 11 (I May Not Always Love You)

So I only watched four films this week. Rather pitiful to be honest. This week has been exhausting with work. It turns out that people like seeing movies while on holidays. Who would of imagined that!? It was also the week that I started on one of my christmas gifts, Bioshock Infinite. It was our