COD BLOPS 2 – Behind the Scenes

As the resident NG+ COD regular, I feel it’s my Duty to bring everyone up  to speed on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. From all the footage released at E3,  we have been shown a large amount of game play, as well as cinematic sequences boasting a mammoth storyline. But can it really live

Ta Dah…: Nintendo's E3 Presentation

Everybody knows that you never lead with your showstopper. Yet Nintendo started right away with perpetual smile machine Shigeru Miyamoto announcing Pikmin 3, a long requested title from Nintendo fans all around. Goodwill surounding Nintendo’s presser couldn’t be higher – surely the rest of the conference would be full of solid gold hits. Yeah, about

Beyond The Disc – EA @ E3 2012

For one of the largest publishers in the world, you’d always think that EA would go large – getting crazy guests to host their E3 shows, get the hottest of bands to tie into their upcoming works and play at the conference, and drop plenty of bombs. And yet, they never do. Their events are

Woooo! Sony's E3 Press Conference

I don’t know what the audience breakdown was, whether the auditorium was made up of game journalists, industry professionals, bloggers or eager fans. All I know is that they were an enthusiastic bunch, whooping and hollering at every single opportunity. A glimpse of gameplay? Cheering. Metacritic statistics? Wild applause. A shot of an ocean? WOOOO!

THQ Close Down San Diego Studio

In a week filled with plenty of surprise announcements, here’s one that practically no-one was expecting. EA signing a multi-year deal with the UFC, which guarantees the return of EA MMA. The deal has hit THQ rather hard, as the news of the transition comes as the beleagured publisher has shut down its San Diego

Open Worlds: Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference

Meet Tobuscus, YouTube celebrity. He helped present this year’s Ubisoft’s press conference alongside Aisha Tyler, and by present, I mean awkwardly drive the show to a grinding halt. Can you tell I wasn’t impressed with his performance? I have a theory about this: From laser tag to breathing trainers to *shudder* Mr. Caffeine, Ubisoft’s previous E3 events kinda

Sports! Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

Microsoft’s press events tend to flip between two different audiences: The ‘core’ gamer and the morning-show crowd. For every Gears of War or Halo gameplay demo there’s a TV partnership or an all-audienes Kinect game. This year was no different; if anything, the two seemed to be heavily separated.

New Game Plus – S01E07

It's E3 Eve and we are gearing up for all publishers to tell us what they're bringing down the chimney. Meanwhile we review Trials Evolution, MacGuffin's Curse and Diablo 3. PLUS the Weird and Retro guys give us the low down on this year's Monash Computer Games Boot Camp, finally we caught up with the