New Game Plus – S01E04

This Episode is massive and to start it off Tim gives his first impressions of Diablo 3 Beta followed by reviews of Witcher 2, Draw, Sina Mora and Asura's Wrath. PLUS we introduce Jamie's Gaming guide to Melbourne and we also have coverage of this year's supernova.

New Game Plus – S01E03

This week on New Game Plus, we review Dear Esther, Draw Something and Shoot Many Robots, then spend some time with Bioware's MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. Also, this week's PLUS features see the Weird and Retro boys cover fighting game sticks, and we scrub up to cover the MSO's Symphony of Legends event.

NG+ Feature – Molyjam

Brad and Donald cover the recent indie gaming event “Molyjam”, where we answer the question “What Would Molydeux?”. Web Extended version

New Game Plus – S01E02

Yes, we made it to Episode 2!!!! This week's reviews consist of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Quarrel, Bag it! and Mass Effect 3. Speaking of ME3, Donald brings up the furore surrounding the game, particularly about its ending, and this week's PLUS segment is coverage of the recent indie gaming event “Molyjam”, where we answer the