Nintendo Announces Switch Lite

While the Nintendo Switch has enjoyed an unparalled level of success in the two years since its release, there’s definitely room for improvement. Nintendo has addressed that improvement today with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, which will be releasing in Australia on September 20th, retailing for $329.95 RRP.

There are several big differences over the original model of the Nintendo Switch, aside from the smaller form factor. Notably, the console is designed to be used in handheld mode, as it does not support the Nintendo Switch dock or the ability to play games on a TV. The Nintendo Switch Lite will only be able to support games that featured handheld or tabletop modes. The console will not have detachable Joycons, instead its controllers are built onto the system and have a re-designed D-Pad in line with a more traditional Nintendo controller. The console will also lack the HD Rumble and IR sensor that are part of the Joycons. You will be able to pair existing Joycons and controllers to the console, but you will need to charge them using other methods. Nintendo are also touting that the console has a slightly extended battery life than the original Switch, with around 3-7 hours (compared to 2.5-6.5 hours).

At launch, you’ll be able to pick up the Switch Lite in three colours – Turquoise, Grey and Yellow. Fans of Pokèmon will be happy to know that a special edition Nintendo Switch Lite, designed around Sword & Shield, will be available when that game launches on November 8th.

Are you looking to grab a Nintendo Switch Lite?