Lynx & Xbox Are Teaming Up To Lift Your Game And Battle Smells

With Microsoft making some big inroads in expanding the Xbox brand across all devices and barriers, it’s only fair to think that their next logical step is to combat another barrier for gaming – foul odours and smells. Which is why Xbox Australia & New Zealand are teaming up with Lynx to bring an Xbox product line of deodorant, body spray and shower gel.

Known as Lynx Xbox, the scene is described as a pulsing green citrus, with notes of kaffir lime, winter lemon, mint sage,  patchouli and clearwood. “We see Xbox fans achieve incredible things every day, and we wanted to celebrate that elevated skill, passion and determination by creating something truly special” says Tania Chee, business group lead for Xbox ANZ. “Now, powering up can be as simple as a quick spray before you head out the door.”

Xbox ANZ are no strangers with attempting to help the game playing populace outside of providng a place to play games, as you may recall the time they helped bring an Xbox-branded Onesie to market. The Lynx Xbox product line is expected to hit shelves across Australia & New Zealand and grocery stores and pharmacies from July 2019.

Would you use a gamer deodorant?