Jamie Galea

Name: Jamie Galea

Nickname/s: DarthHomer

Favourite Book: His Dark Materials

Favourite Movie: Star Wars: Episode IV

Favourite Singer / Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers (pre-2002)

Favourite TV Show: Level 3

Preferred Gaming Platform: None!

New Game Plus – Specialty: Gamers Guide and Segment Production

3 all-time favourite games:

  1. Metal Gear Solid
  2. Teken 3
  3. Super Mario Word 2: Yoshi’s Island

2011 – Game of the year: Portal 2

Favourite Quote: “It’s Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away”

Favourite gaming moment:
Not so much a single moment, but just about any time in the original Metal Gear Solid where the game broke the fourth wall and messed with you. Like looking at the back of the games CD case for a clue, or how the game would read your memory card and tell you “hey, I see you’re playing (Konami game)”. To me, that’s when it all clicked.

Contact details

Twitter: @DarthHomer