Defiant Development To Cease New Title Development

Brisbane-based game developer Defiant Development have announced that after nine years of existence, they will be ceasing development on new titles. The studio will be shifting into caretaker mode for its existing games, letting go of its talented team.

Defiant Development was founded in 2010, where the Australian games industry was going through a significant transition period. In the wake of the global financial crisis shuttering studios around the world and AAA development winding down in Australia, Defiant was founded as a studio that wanted to be an Australian-owned studio that didn’t need to be owned by an international organization, and to make the games they were interested in making. They wanted to own their IP and, in a time where development was shifting to mobile, could make console games again. They were also one of the first Australian game developers to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 with Hand of Fate. Nine years and four games later, Defiant ceases development in a time where the Australian games industry is stronger than ever.

The studio also shared a look at what would’ve been its next project, A World In My Attic, which was expected to have launched in Q1 2021. We here at New Game Plus wish nothing but the very best for the employees at Defiant Development looking for work, and we hope they all land on their feet quickly.