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The Show Behind The Show

While people come to LA every year for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the games contained within, I think sometimes we miss the culture and stories surrounding the event. Being the grand spectacle that E3 is, it attracts a vast array of personalities, and like any jungle, the interaction of the different species is always

Neversoft Officially A Call of Duty Developer

Ever since the ‘final’ Guitar Hero game was released back in 2010, and Activision practically either killed off or let go of its music game developers (such as DJ Hero devs Freestyle Games, who are working on new things!), the fate of Neversoft wasn’t exactly made clear. There were rumours that what was left of

Games of E3: The Wrap Post

The biggest issue with E3 is that you kinda know what’s coming. There’s going to be a new Call of Duty, a new FIFA, a new Assassins Creed. Games like these have become constants in our industry, and while people continue to buy them, they will continue to be made. Honestly, I don’t mind sequels.

EA Interested In Possible SSX Sequel

2012’s been a weird year for EA so far. Their attempts at bringing back some of their older IP have been all over the shop – SSX was certainly good, but then you had things like Starbreeze’s Syndicate game, and the quietly released FIFA Street. So it comes as something of a surprise to hear

COD BLOPS 2 – Behind the Scenes

As the resident NG+ COD regular, I feel it’s my Duty to bring everyone up  to speed on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. From all the footage released at E3,  we have been shown a large amount of game play, as well as cinematic sequences boasting a mammoth storyline. But can it really live

Ta Dah…: Nintendo's E3 Presentation

Everybody knows that you never lead with your showstopper. Yet Nintendo started right away with perpetual smile machine Shigeru Miyamoto announcing Pikmin 3, a long requested title from Nintendo fans all around. Goodwill surounding Nintendo’s presser couldn’t be higher – surely the rest of the conference would be full of solid gold hits. Yeah, about

Beyond The Disc – EA @ E3 2012

For one of the largest publishers in the world, you’d always think that EA would go large – getting crazy guests to host their E3 shows, get the hottest of bands to tie into their upcoming works and play at the conference, and drop plenty of bombs. And yet, they never do. Their events are

Woooo! Sony's E3 Press Conference

I don’t know what the audience breakdown was, whether the auditorium was made up of game journalists, industry professionals, bloggers or eager fans. All I know is that they were an enthusiastic bunch, whooping and hollering at every single opportunity. A glimpse of gameplay? Cheering. Metacritic statistics? Wild applause. A shot of an ocean? WOOOO!

THQ Close Down San Diego Studio

In a week filled with plenty of surprise announcements, here’s one that practically no-one was expecting. EA signing a multi-year deal with the UFC, which guarantees the return of EA MMA. The deal has hit THQ rather hard, as the news of the transition comes as the beleagured publisher has shut down its San Diego

Open Worlds: Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference

Meet Tobuscus, YouTube celebrity. He helped present this year’s Ubisoft’s press conference alongside Aisha Tyler, and by present, I mean awkwardly drive the show to a grinding halt. Can you tell I wasn’t impressed with his performance? I have a theory about this: From laser tag to breathing trainers to *shudder* Mr. Caffeine, Ubisoft’s previous E3 events kinda