Month: February 2015

400 And Counting: Week 18 (You Want A Revolution)

I feel like I’m hitting my stride. It’s been a while since I’ve had a lowly four-movie week and I’m generally enjoying most of the films I’m watching. I still find that I’m watching less and less foreign movies since abandoning my computer (it just isn’t as cinematic) and, as a result, the SBS On

400 And Counting: Week 17 (Second Verse, Same As The First)

Last week I dived into the world of professional Magic: The Gathering; this week I’ve discovered a new podcast, The Worst Idea of All Time. In it, two friends watch and review a movie each week. That movie is Grown Ups 2. Every. Single Week. I’m only a few episodes in, but I love hearing

Dragon, Dragon, Draggin': The Bandai Namco Showcase

Bandai Namco certainly is busy. Just a few weeks ago I was sitting down and getting some quality time with CD Projekt’s The Witcher 3 (released May 19th), and now here I am checking out more of the publisher’s games. This time, I had opportunity to sample some upcoming releases. Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the latest entry

EA/Bioware Cancel Shadow Realms

Just six months after it was announced, EA and Bioware Austin disclosed that their next project, Shadow Realms, will no longer move forward with development. Bioware Austin’s General Manager Jeff Hickman took to the official Shadow Realms website to break the news. He cited the company’s focus on supporting pre-existing and upcoming titles, including Dragon

400 And Counting: Week 15 (I Like Your Old Stuff)

I’ve come to notice my viewing habits recently, and one of them was in full force this week. After work, or when I’m tired, I’m far more likely to just watch whatever is on TV or nearby, with a preference for films I’ve already seen. I guess being tired means I don’t want to put

Vale Monty Oum: 22/6/81 – 3/2/15

We at New Game Plus are saddened to learn of the passing of Rooster Teeth animator Monty Oum, creator of the animated series RWBY. He was 33 years old. Oum had been recently hospitalised after an allergic reaction. Despite a ten day struggle, he was unable to recover.

Twitch Australian Servers Go Live

In a surprising discovery, streaming juggernaut Twitch has launched Australian servers to aid local streaming and viewing experiences. The discovery was noted by several users on Twitter (notably Australian Starcraft II observer Phil “inFeza” Bertino and Assault Android Cactus developer Syama Mishra), but Twitch has yet to formally announce the new servers. The reports are positive