Month: December 2014

NG+ Game of the Year 2014 – Trey's Top Five

This week, the New Game Plus cast and crew reveal their favourite games of the year. Today, we venture to the alley behind the studio to uncover Trey Green, one of The Other Guys, and find out his top games. For a lot of gamers, this has been a weak year. Many are unable to

NG+ Game of the Year 2014 – Matt's Top Five

This week, the New Game Plus cast and crew reveal their favourite games of the year. Today, Matt Batten takes time out from his streams and animal videos to present his games of 2014. Gaming copped a bad reputation for many reasons this year. There were games that never lived up to their hype, unfinished titles

400 And Counting: Week Ten (And So This Is…)

It’s Christmas time! Well, the last week or so has been. It’s been a busy period, and I apologise for the delay in Week Ten of 400 and Counting. I’ve solved my issue with Flash player. It turns out that my computer (which is 6+ years old and wasn’t top of the line when I

NG+ Game of the Year 2014 – Jamie's Top Three

New Game Plus has revealed its Game of the Year. But what of our individual cast and crew? This week, we bring you our individual Games of the Year. First up, your Facebook friend and ours Jamie Galea presents his top three games. 2014 has been an odd year. There wasn’t one game that people

400 And Counting: Week Nine (The Wild Rose)

It’s been a long week. It should surprise no one that I didn’t immediately go out and watch a heap of SBS On Demand movies after the Japanese Film Festival. One of the bigger factors is how uncinematic working movies on my computer is. It feels less engaging than TV, which is far less engaging

400 And Counting: Week Eight (Turning Japanese)

My goal for the Japanese Film Festival, like this blog, is to see as many strange and interesting films as possible. To that end, I decided to go in blind. This means no descriptions, no trailers, no reviews and no IMDB-ing. Basically, I’m jumping into the deep end.

New Game Plus – S03E43

This week on New Game Plus, we channel our fireballs in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, discover our creative spark with Fantasia: Music Evolved and shoot fire out of our hands (via our guns) in Grand Theft Auto V. We also take a look at the latest in cinema and anime. All this, plus