Deep Silver Announce ESCAPE Dead Island

If the wait for the recently announced Dead Island 2 is killing you, and you want more zombie killing in paradise, Deep Silver have you covered with ESCAPE Dead Island, releasing later this year on PS3, 360 & PC.

ESCAPE Dead Island is a third person action game that’s set between the original Dead Island and the upcoming Dead Island 2. You play as Cliff Calo, a fellow haunted by mysterious instances of deja-vu, who travels to the Banoi archipelago to make sense of it all. The game will be handled by Fatshark Sweden (developers of War of the Roses & Bionic Command: Rearmed 2), who are promising a compelling single player experience that dives deeper into the Dead Island universe. In addition, the experience will feature a different visual style than one is used to from previous games in the series, while keeping the visceral combat that defined the original game.

ESCAPE Dead Island is the fourth Dead Island game, and the second to be released in 2014. This follows the release of the PC exclusive Dead Island Epidemic, touted as the worlds first “ZOMBA”.