Nintendo Announces E3 2014 Plans

Nintendo ReggieNintendo has announced its plans for E3 2014, which will pick up where the company left off last year and eschew the traditional press conference in favour of livestreams and periphery events.

Central to this is the Nintendo Digital Event, which, like its Nintendo Direct videos and last year’s E3 package, will reveal new games and highlight current projects. This event will be livestreamed at 9am 10/6/2014 (2am 11/6/2014 AEST). During E3, it will also host Nintendo Treehouse, a livestream from the E3 show floor, to further show off the company’s titles.

Nintendo will also host its first officially sponsored Super Smash Brothers tournament, inviting 16 “highly skilled Super Smash Bros players.” This comes after the company last year initially disallowed the organisers of EVO from streaming its Super Smash Brothers Melee, before reversing this decision. Nintendo is also setting up Super Smash Brothers  Wii U displays in American Best Buy stores.

The company revealed all this in a video made with Mega64: