SimCity Offline Patch Confirmed!

One of the major sticking points that many people (us included) had with EA’s 2013 SimCity was the requirement that the game needed to be online for it to function. It was such a sticking point that Maxis head Lucy Bradshaw addressed it several times, even referring to the game as not being an offline experience. With the one year anniversary of the game approaching, EA have announced that the game will finally be receiving an update that allows for offline play.

The ability to play offline comes as part of the upcoming Update 10, which will include a a Single Player mode, that’s completely offline and separate from existing regions. This update also allows save games to be saved and loaded locally, another major sticking point of the always online functionality. All of the existing DLC purchased will work in Single Player mode. Unfortunately, these are the only confirmed details so far – no date was given for the update, and it’s currently in testing.

This news coincides with the announcement of Mod Tools for the game, which will also work offline.