Telltale Games Announce Tales of Borderlands, Game of Thrones Adaptation

In a move that surprised quite a few people, Telltale announced not one, but two brand new games at today’s Spike TV’s VGX event. They join indie developer Hello Games (of Joe Danger fame) in announcing brand new projects at the event, which also included a slew of new information for the releases of 2014.

Telltale’s announcements couldn’t be further apart from one another. The first is a game set in the Borderlands universe, titled “Tales from the Borderlands”. What Telltale initially confirmed was that it won’t follow any of the existing Vault Hunters, but will be set on Pandora around the time before/during Borderlands 2 (thanks to the presence of Handsome Jack), and it’ll be released in 2014. The second announcement was one that had been teased a few weeks prior, this being a game set in George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire, using the Game of Thrones moniker. No details were revealed for this one, aside from it joining the aforementioned Tales of Borderlands, the second season of the Walking Dead, and the continuation of Vertigo Comic’s Fables adaptation, the Wolf Among Us.

The other major announcement was from indie developer Hello Games, who announced “No Mans Sky”. Effectively, the idea is that it’s a galaxy exploration game – you can freely move between planets, get caught up in intergalactic conflict, take the action planetside and explore. No release date was given, but seeing as Hello Games currently comprises of four employees, safe to say we’ll be waiting a while for this one.

As for the rest of the announcements? Nothing standing out too much. Tomb Raider will be re-released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One next year as a “Definitive Edition”, with a bunch of new graphical and technical improvements; Cranky Kong will be the fourth playable character in Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze; Quantum Break finally got detailed (it’s a cover based shooter that employs time mechanics); Tim Schafer announced Elijah Wood will play a roll in Broken Age and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Tom Clancy’s The Division, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Thief all saw new trailers.