The FTL Frontier: FTL Expansion and iPad port announced

FTL_TitleRogue-likes are all the craze within the independent development scene, and with good reason. People can’t get enough of adapting to stern, yet endearing difficulty curves within the aforementioned genre. To support this newfound demand, Subset Games have announced an expansion to their best selling title Faster Than Light, titled Faster Than Light: Advanced Edition.

FTL: AE will build upon the strengths of the original title while keeping the foundations intact. New additions include a mind control system, where players can temporarily influence the minds of their enemies to sabotage others or make amends to your friendly ships. A hacking system is also implemented, tailored and unique to each enemy ship layout and type. Not only that, but the expansion will also include new ships, enemies, environments, save options, systems and events written with assistance from Chris Avellone of Planescape fame. Once released, if owners are dissatisfied with the balancing of FTL: AE, the original version of the game can be switched back with a quick click before starting a new game.

The fine folks at Subset Games had also announced an iPad port of their original FTL title plus all the bells and whistles of the Advanced Edition. It will be compatible for iPads 2nd generation and up as well as every iPad Mini available on the market. FTL was confirmed to not be compatible on iPhones, however the developers are exploring ports for Android and Windows tablet platforms. More on it as it comes.

The FTL: Advanced Edition update will be free for owners of the original FTL game and is scheduled for release early 2014.