Dimensional Downgrade: Nintendo 2DS announced [Updated]

2dsIn recent news, Nintendo has announced the arrival of a new console within their portable family, titled the Nintendo 2DS.

Marking the third iteration of Nintendo’s current generation portable consoles, the Nintendo 2DS offers a completely new form factor, ditching the flip top Game and Watch-esque format and instead donning a solid tablet-like appearance. As one can expect, the 3D capabilities of previous consoles will not be implemented in the Nintendo 2DS, despite being compatible with every 3DS title released to date. The Nintendo 2DS will feature an SD card slot and come packaged with a 4GB SD card for downloadable titles.


With that, the system will also be compatible with Nintendo DS software, able to access multiplayer features and the Nintendo eShop. Effectively, the Nintendo 2DS will utilise the same operating system as other Nintendo 3DS consoles.

To many, it may appear that the Nintendo 2DS is a downgrade, but there are benefits to be had. The Nintendo 2DS is geared towards a younger audience, in particular those who may not reach the minimum age to engage safely in 3D gaming. Instead, Nintendo designed a sturdier, hinge-free console that appeals to future gamers at an affordable price. It may not get the support of the oldies, but at least somebody is thinking of the children.

According to Nintendo of America’s website, the Nintendo 2DS will coincide with Pokemon X and Y‘s release on October 12th this year, at a price point of $129.99 USD. The console will be available in Red and Blue.

The WiiU, Nintendo’s current-gen console will also receive a price cut, selling at $299 USD. This will ensure that gaming with the Big N will be as affordable as ever within the coming months.

Nintendo of Australia have yet to comment on the recent reveals, stay tuned as we keep you updated on the matter.


[Update] Nintendo Australia has confirmed that the Nintendo 2DS will be available in Australia and New Zealand on October 12. It will retail for $149.95 in Australia ($179.95 NZD). It also confirmed that there are no current plans to cut the Wii U’s price in Australia.