Mana Bar Melbourne To Close This September

Ever since opening up in 2011, the Melbourne Mana Bar’s been an interesting part of the Melbourne bar scene – if only because there’s nothing else like it. Since the offshoot of the Brisbane bar launched, there hasn’t been any attempts at any other video game bar – it’s just the Mana Bar that owns that niche. And if you haven’t managed to make the trip down to the Melbourne bar, you might want to accelerate those plans, because come late September, the Melbourne Mana Bar will be closing its doors.

The news broke via the Mana Bar Melbourne Facebook page, in which it was revealed the reasons for the bars closure are numerous – the bars small venue size, the “debilitating” liquor license restrictions, and it was proving difficult for the bar to support itself on day traffic. However though, it’s not completely curtains for the bar. The management is looking into options to keep the bar afloat, and even looking into relocating the bar into a new location. Until then, the bar is urging patrons to show their support and “Save Your Mana”, holding such an event from the 27th-31st of August – go down to the bar, buy a beer and help support it in its last days.

Again, there’s nothing truly like it here in Melbourne, so if you’ve never been, it’s as good a time as ever.