The First Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced!

It’s been over four months since the release of Bioshock Infinite, and one question’s been on the minds of just about everyone who’s played it…aside from whether or not the ending was any great or whether or not the game was as praiseworthy as reviews hinted it as; just what the hell is the DLC for the game, and why are they selling a season pass for content that won’t be talked about for some time? Well, wonder no more, 2K have unveiled the details for the first two pieces of DLC for Bioshock Infinite.

The first, known as Clash in the Clouds, is a heavily combat focused DLC, with players using all their vigors and skills to take on scores of opponents in four arenas inspired by areas from the main game. What makes this DLC more than just a mindless wave combat pack is that it offers new unlockable Voxophones and Kinetoscopes for players to explore…once they complete the 60 “Blue Ribbon” challenges that make up the Clash in the Clouds. It’ll set you back $6.65AUD/400MSP, and is currently available right now on Xbox Live and Steam, with the PSN release hitting locally tomorrow.

The second pack is slightly more intriguing. Known as Burial at Sea, it’s a two part DLC where you’ll play as Booker & Elizabeth exploring the city of Rapture before its fall. There’s no date on this one, but both packs will set you back $18.45/1200MSP each. However, if you did happen to pick up the Bioshock Infinite Season Pass, you’ll have all three packs for free.

Personally, I could do without Clash in the Clouds, but Burial at Sea sounds interesting as all hell – how Booker and Elizabeth will work in the Bioshock 1 world sounds intriguing, and hey, would be interested to see how Irrational make Elizabeth a playable character. ┬áThat, and seeing Rapture in its prime is pretty damned cool. Otherwise, seems like a case of “good things come to those who wait”.