The Dota 2 International 2013 Schedule Released

Ti3Ti3 is just around the corner and a lot of us here are very keen to watch the best professional Dota 2 teams fight it out for a share of the >$2.5 million dollar prize pool. In their latest blog post Wish You Were Here, Valve outlined further details about the upcoming event which I’ve quickly put into AEST.

The International Official Schedule

Group Stage Days
August 3: 9AM -> 10PM PST | August 4(Sunday): 3:00AM -> 4PM AEST
August 4: 9AM -> 10PM PST | August 5(Monday): 3:00AM -> 4PM AEST
August 5: 9AM -> 2PM PST | August 6(Tuesday): 3:00AM -> 8AM AEST

Main Event at Benaroya Hall
August 7: 12PM-> ~9-11PM PST | August 8(Thursday): 6:00AM -> ~3-5PM AEST
August 8: 12PM-> ~9-11PM PST | August 9(Friday): 6:00AM -> ~3-5PM AEST
August 9: 12PM-> ~9-11PM PST | August 10(Saturday): 6:00AM -> ~3-5PM AEST
August 10: 12PM-> ~7-11PM PST | August 11(Sunday): 6:00AM -> ~1-5PM AEST
August 11: 12PM-> ~6-9 PM PST | August 12(Monday): 6:00AM -> ~12-3PM AEST


If these times are no good for you, out friends at Silicon Sports will be running a Pubstomp at Paloma Bar Saturday the 17th of August from 7pm onwards featuring some drinks, great company and replaying some vods from the main event!


I cannot wait for this especially being a Na’Vi fanboy and having them being so dominant in the lead up to the tournament. Even if you are new to Dota or eSports I highly encourage you to watch at least the grand final and you can do so on twitch or even in the newly released Mac and Linux game clients. More info about the event can be found here.

So who here is as excited as I am? Who is everyone going for?