Surprise Attack Games – Your New Independent Game Publisher

The indie scene here in Australia (and especially here in Melbourne) is one hell of a burgeoning industry. While the big-budget AAA developers and publishers have all but left Australia, there’s still plenty of exciting developments in the local games scene. Today sees another step in that direction with the announcement of Surprise Attack Games, an offshoot of PR company Surprise Attack, dedicated to publishing locally developed games and getting them out there to an international audience.

The newly founded publisher will have a presence at the upcoming PAX Australia, showcasing the first three titles to be signed to the label: Particulars by See Through Studios, a subatomic action puzzler; Wolfdozer, a retelling of Three Little Pigs as a survival destruction game from Anomalous Interactive; and Burden by Pixel Pickle Games, a tower defence game with a living, moving battlefield.

Founder and managing director of Surprise Attack Chris Wright said, ““Our vision for Surprise Attack Games is to build a new kind of publisher, inspired by the indie record labels I loved growing up in the 80s and 90s. Those labels weren’t some separate corporate entity that came in at the end to handle the commercial stuff, they were an integral part of their local creative communities and they helped lift up those communities as a result. That’s our goal, too; ultimate success for us is to be part of tomorrow’s superstars of game development reaching their potential.”

Personally I’m really excited by this news. Surprise Attack’s done great work to help highlight some awesome indie titles, and seeing them get into the publishing space should help solidify the hard work they’ve done over the last couple of years. That, and it’s great to see a new local publisher.