Reinstated – State of Decay given R18+ rating in Australia

StateOfDecay_logoIn what has been a week of indecision and mind changing, State of Decay has been given the coveted R18+ classification after it was initially refused classification earlier this month.

Previously reported, State of Decay by Undead Games had initially been refused classification due to the ability to utilise real-world narcotics to obtain a variety of advantages in-game.

The official statement on the Australian Classification website including descriptors and related information can be found here.

At the time of print, Undead Labs had reached out on their official Twitter page regarding the news:

“Oh, hey, by the way… State of Decay has been rated R18+ in Australia. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow OH, HAPPY DAY!”

One thing worthy of note on the descriptors page is the high tone of violence, which was not commented on a severely as the “mild impact” of drug use. Perhaps we’re looking at an amended version of the title without the offending subject matter?

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