Ratchet & Clank Return, And Are Heading Into The Nexus

The Ratchet & Clank franchise is in this weird spot lately – platformers are sadly non-exsistant in this generation, and yet Insomniac and other Sony developers are still keeping at it. Sure, they’ve also tried to bring the duo to new genres (the less said about All 4 One and Q-Force the better), but what’d be great is a brand new platformer. No multiplayer gimmicks, no drastic changes in genre – a straight up Ratchet & Clank game. And that’s what Sony and Insomniac will be giving you later this year – with the release of Ratchet & Clank: Nexus (known as into the Nexus outside of PAL territories).

For starters – it’s worth talking about just how this came about. Originally it started as a series of teases from the Playstation Facebook page, which become even more interesting once the Insomniac Games page was tagged. Then the reveal was spoiled when photos of an Insomniac tester was shown playing the game were leaked online. And then to make matters worse, some posters from NeoGAF happened to spot a product sheet for the page on Insomniac’s website before it was taken down. That sheet basically confirms that it’ll be a single-player platformer, taking place after the events of 2009’s A Crack in Time. It’ll be a PS3 game hitting later this year (both on disc and digitally), and described as being significantly larger than Q-Force and even Quest For Booty. IGN have even more details, even confirming some pretty amazing weapons (such as the Winterizer, a gun that turns enemies into snowmen, while Jingle Bells is playing).

Personally? I’m hyped. Game looks beautiful, and it’s been way too long since a traditional R&C title. I just hope that given how crazy the end of the year is for Sony, this doesn’t get ignored. There’s never really been a bad Ratchet game, and this one should be no exception. Though I do miss the┬ádouble entendre subtitle…