NG+ At PAX Australia!

The first Penny Arcade Expo to be held in Australia is almost upon us, and New Game Plus will be there in force! Jason and Brad will be participating in Gaming and Anime: A Cultural Crossover at 11:30am on Friday the 19th in the Wombat Theatre. Kirsty is presenting “Cos We Can!”: How To Get Involved In Cosplay at 2:30pm on Sunday the 21st in the Wombat Theatre.

Donald and Jamie will be hosting The Ultimate Industry Quiz Showdown! on Saturday the 20th at 8:30pm in the Wombat Theatre. We have gathered some of the Australian gaming industry’s finest (including James Dominguez, Rebecca Fernandez, Paul Houlihan, Matt Kelly, James Kozanecki and Alanah Pearce) for an evening of trivia and head-slapping revelations.

And you, too, can join in the fun, and I don’t just mean that in the metaphorical sit-in-the-audience manner, either!

Do you think you have a awesome piece of gaming trivia that no one else does? For one round, we will be passing the microphone to you, the audience, for a chance to present your trivia question to our panel of experts for glory and prizes! Just for asking a question, you can earn yourself a talking Duke Nukem keychain, the same ones that infested our set late last year. Manage to stump the panel and you may just win yourself something bigger. We will be awarding the top five stumpers, as decided by us, with additional prizes.

If you have a trivia question you want to pitch, email us at contests[at] or leave a message on our Facebook page (but not on our wall — we don’t want to have the surprise ruined, do we?) We’ll be accepting these entries until Thursday 18th June 2013. We will be picking a selection of questions to be asked during the round.

What if you come up with a question on the day or aren’t selected beforehand? Don’t fret — we’ll still offer you an opportunity to ask your question on the night. Pitching your question beforehand will ensure you’ll get first preference on the night and a shot at the prizes.

There are some principles and rules to follow (these may be updated closer to the date):
– Your submissions must be in question and answer form. No “Did’ya knows…” or the like.
– Your question cannot be too specific. We aren’t looking for questions like ‘How many Needlers do you find in the seventh level of Halo 2?’
– No questions about extended lore or fiction. Any questions related to canon must be readily accessible in-game and not only found in official novels, comics or the like.
– Make sure your question is interesting!
– Final determination of prizes and eligibility will fall to myself and the New Game Plus crew.

Questions or no, we hope to see you at our panels or on the show floor!

(And yes, I referred to myself in the third person back at paragraph two. I deeply regret the embarrassment caused to myself, my family and the club)