UPDATED: Super Smash Bros Melee streaming at EVO 2013


UPDATE: In breaking news, Nintendo of America have permitted Super Smash Bros. Melee to go ahead as part of the original streaming schedule. People tuning into the EVO 2013 stream around the world will be able to experience high level Smash play spanning over hundreds of players between July 12th – 14th.

Amended SRK post can be found here.

OLD ARTICLE: In a very controversial move, Nintendo have slapped a big ban on Super Smash Bros Melee being streamed at EVO 2013, the world’s largest fighting game tournament major. As a result, EVO tournament organisers have removed Super Smash Bros Melee from the stream schedule entirely, and instead replaced with Persona 4 Arena and King of Fighters XIII.

The schedule changes can be viewed in full here.

Within hours of the announcement, there has been a huge response as evident on social networks such as Twitter (#freemelee being one of the top trends) and Facebook. Nintendo have recently cracked down on monetisation and exposure of their products namely on Twitch and YouTube but considering over $90,000 was donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by the community just for Super Smash Bros Melee to headline as a major tournament at EVO2013, it is understandable that this decision has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

To clarify, the tournament will still run, but only to the 600+ participants at EVO2013. Those who are unlucky and cannot attend Las Vegas for the weekend long major will not be able to join in on the Smash-related fun.

Nintendo have yet to comment, but more on it as it comes.

How does this decision make you feel? Were you looking forward to watching high level Smash play? Sound off in the comments section below!