DOTA 2 Runs Out Of Beta, Releases On Time

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally happened! Valve’s DOTA 2 is no longer a beta product that requires an invite or early access payments any more, nor will it flood your Steam Inventory with invites that no-one wants, it’s now out there and finally a real game that anyone can pick up and play on Steam. some extent, anyway.

For starters, the demand is such that Valve are adding people in batches to avoid servers being overloaded. Don’t worry if you already had been given an invite to the game before the official launch, you’re still very much in. Speaking of, you may still have quite a few passes to the game to give out to friends – they’ll all be deleted from your Steam inventory, instead replaced by an in-game item that informs the player how many other players they invited to play DOTA 2. Finally, the game is still Windows-only at the moment, with Valve promising that Mac and Linux versions of the game will be released soon.

Otherwise, good news to finally hear it’s out. For those of you looking to give it a shot – my advice? Give the new tutorials a shot, then watch a lot of games. That’ll give you a good idea of what you’re supposed to be doing and it’s a great way to see what to do with a specific hero in a specific situation. From there, play lots of bot games, use the in-built Steam guides, then move onto the real thing. It’s a hard road, but it’s worth it. As for Valve? Well..that’ll be very curious to see what their next product is…