Xbox One Drops Controversial DRM

Ever since the Xbox One was announced, it’s been met with an insane amount of backlash for a console that hasn’t even been released yet. You can thank most of that with Microsoft announcing a number of DRM measures that proved to be unpopular as all hell. Not even at E3, where whilst Microsoft did have a good showing, didn’t seem to be changing their mind – despite it being the best time to clarify/rectify those policies. That also didn’t help with Don Mattrick, head of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, demonstrating how to put his foot in his mouth. So the week after E3, what do Microsoft go ahead and do? They go ahead and change their policies. Practically all of them.

The news comes from Mattrick himself, via the Xbox Wire blog – to which he confirmed that  because of the “feedback” they received, the functionality of playing games on the Xbox One would be no different to be playing it on the Xbox 360. Basically, it means that you won’t require an internet connection (aside from when you initially set up the console) to use the box. The 24 hour check in which proved to be the biggest complaint/fear people had about the system? It’s gone. As for games being tied to your account? Well, the only ones that will be tied are the ones that you purchased digitally – disc based games will feature no DRM whatsoever. So you can sell them, trade them, lend them all to your hearts content.

In addition to all this, there were some interesting tidbits of news. Firstly, the Xbox One will be a region-free system, which will make bargain hunting all that better. Secondly – much like the PS3 nowadays, Xbox One games will be available on digitally on Day 1. However, Microsoft did confirm that you won’t be able to share your downloaded games, meaning that the Xbox One family feature (i.e. you add 10 people as your “family” and they have access to all the content in that family) has been dropped. Shame, did seem like a good idea.

Otherwise, there you go. Without using the obvious goof, it looks like the Xbox One will be a more appealing console in the eyes of many people. Wish it would’ve happened at E3, but at least it’s out there now. But what about you guys? Is this enough to lock you in for a Day 1 purchase?