Sony's E3 2013 Press Conference

PS4With a fairly strong showing from Microsoft’s conference, Sony had a lot to show alot (including the console itself) in order to one up their competition. However the PS4 was not the only thing on the agenda for sony as they kicked off their show with lots of games.

First up came the sprooking of their current generation platforms with Vita getting The Walking Dead 400 days, some HD remakes and PSN titles like flower. Also the PS3 got some quick trailers from Puppeteer, Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Gran Tourismo 6, Batman Arkham Origins as well as getting a GTAV bundle with a headset. But this is all current gen and not what we stay up all night to hear about. We of course came to see the PS4 and what games would bring us into the new generation.

The Playstation 4 was held aloft in its first showing to the public with nothing too unexpected as it was a black half shiny parallelepiped that bears resemblance to both the Xbox One and an old VCR (what’s with these next gen console designs?). The big news though is the pricepoint, at $399 USD it will launch $100 cheaper in the US than the Xbox One. Price is going to be $550 in Australia compared to the $599 of the Xbox One, so not as big a difference here.


Sony then went on to outline their services such as Music/Video Unlimited  as well as others like Netflix and Flixter will all be on the PS4. It was also stated that there would be original TV made by Sony that will be distributed through the PS4. The game streaming service Gaikai that was announced back in February is set to launch for the PS4 in 2014 with Vita game streaming to come soon after.


Then there were the first party games for the PS4 with Santa Monica Studio’s steampunk shooter The Order, Infamous Second Son, Drive Club, cartoonish brawler Knack and some Killzone Shadowfall gameplay. To cap it off there was a pretty impressive tech demo from Quantic Dream but sadly not a game.

Continuing on with Indie games, Sony rolled out introducing 9 indie games with the developers playing them on stage which included Don’t Starve, the hilarious Octodad, Outlast, Oddworld and the next game from Bastion creater Supergiant Games, Transistor.

As for the third party games there was a quick mention of Diablo III, the reveal of Final Fantasy XV, a Kingdom Hearts III trailer, a Mad Max game, The Elder Scrolls Online gameplay and 2K basketball. As far as onstage demo’s went, Assassin’s Creed 4 was being shown with technical difficulties and another amazing showing from Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs. In an odd switching of roles where Insomniac featured in Microsoft conference, Sony had Bungie showing off the first gameplay from their MMO Scifi FPS Destiny.

And to round out the press conference Sony announced that their subscription service Playstation Plus will carry over to the PS4 bringing with it free games like Don’t Starve. However, PS+ will be needed to play multiplayer on the new system. They also took the time to fire many shots at Microsoft, stating that the Playstation 4 will let you play used games and will have no online requirement or verification for disc based games. Jack Trenten proudly pronounced that the PS4 would not require online connections and would not check in on you every 24 hours to the cheering masses inside the theatre and probably many watching at home as well.

So with the Sony and Microsoft war heating up, who do you think had the better showing? I personally wanted to see some Last Guardian or next gen Naughty Dog or even Gaben! Thankfully the games I’m keen on from both press conferences like Witcher 3, Watch_Dogs, Titanfall and The Elder Scrolls Online are all coming to PC as well.