Hayters and Haters: Konami's Pre E3 Event

E3 hasn’t started yet, but Konami has given us some previews of what’s on the horizon in a Pre-E3 show. And on show were 3 huge titles: PES 2014, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

Konami first opened with other projects. It was interesting to see that they have developed a version of DDR for use in US schools to help the fight against child obesity and diabetes. Also interesting is a push into the iOS/Android/Facebook game market with some upcoming puzzle and sports titles, as well as its offering of publishing services for independent developers wanting to get into these markets.

Then came the Console and PC titles. PES 2014 is now being developed on a new game engine (an altered version of the FOX engine) and will feature more realism in general. It will be achieved through the physics of movement and player centre-of-gravity, more accurate ball control and a connection between a crowds enthusiasm boosting team morale and the way the team plays.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain had some big news. It wasn’t just a new trailer showing off the capabilities of the new FOX engine. It wasn’t just the open world gameplay. And it wasn’t Kojima attempts to make the visuals include more acting and motion capture to be more movie-like. (Really? A movie-like feel to MGS? That hasn’t been done before…)

The big news was that Kiefer Sutherland (known for his role as Jack Bauer on the TV show 24) will be replacing David Hayter as the voice over and facial motion capture actor for Snake/Big Boss.


As you can expect, there were a lot of negative comments about this news. Regardless of whether you hate this idea or not, it appears that it was a decision supported by Kojima himself. He must have his reasons and time will tell whether this was a good direction to go in or not.

And then my favourite came last. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is the sequel to the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow reboot released in 2010. The game is again being developed by MercurySteam on the Mercury Engine, and unlike MGS5, it ‘sounded’ like all the major voice actors from the previous game will be retained for this one.

This game will also be more open world — with no loading screens – and will now feature a fully controllable camera. It was also said that it would take place in a more modern setting, but apart from a few clips taken from the end of the original Lords of Shadow showing Dracula landing in a modern street, all I can see are medieval arms and armour, fantasy style colossi and more Gothic architecture.

So there you have it. So are you a Hayter or a hater?


[Image credits: IMDB]