Please Explain: Xbox One Game Licensing

microsoft-xbox-oneThis morning, we’ve been given some much needed clarification on the way Xbox One handles games licensing, straight from the horse’s mouth. In breaking news, game sharing is still present within the cloud-based gaming ecosystem of the Xbox One, but not as you know it. Unfortunately, playing games on other user accounts will have a 1 hour offline window (as opposed to 24 hours on the original consumer’s account) when you share them with friends.

This is said to keep tabs on which account the license is being used and where it is being shared to on the fly. Here’s the catch: the person you share the game to has to be on your friends list for over 30 days and the particular game that is shared can only be performed once for that friend’s account.

Game trading will be in effect both online and offline at specialist stores in the form of used games. But with the current ¬†all-strings-attached business model established above, it is unsure how the process of game sharing and trading will work in tandem. Don’t go down for the count just yet, as E3 is just around the corner, and Microsoft will be more than willing to up-sell the more questionable aspects of their new system, or set-top box depending on your stance.

Despite this, is the Xbox One still an attractive gaming system or is it doomed to fail? Sound off in the comments section below!