WiiU Focused Nintendo Direct Broadcasting Tonight


To counter-act the “WiiU has no games” argument, Nintendo seeks to remedy this by hosting a new Nintendo Direct broadcast to elaborate on and perhaps even announce some new titles for 2013.

“But Matt, when will this happen?” you ask. It’s much closer than you think! This upcoming Nintendo Direct will commence tonight. The notice given may have been little, but Nintendo are prone to drawing a crowd, not to mention that the time frame between now and showtime adds an element of excitement.


Without further ado, here are the Australian times for this upcoming Nintendo Direct event:
AEST (VIC, NSW, QLD): Friday 17th May at 11:59pm
ACST (SA, NT): Friday 17th May at 11:30pm
AWST (WA): Friday 17th May at 10:00pm


Once the time comes, shout “Bloody Reggie” in front of a mirror and click this link. From there you can view all the tidbits Nintendo has to offer in the coming months.