EA Announce The Sims 4

You’d think after the last time we heard EA bring up the “Sim” name publicly  we’d all be ducking for cover and expecting the worst. Though today, it’s not the worst thing you’ll hear regarding “Sim”. In fact, it’s quite positive news – EA and Maxis today announced The Sims 4, heading to PC’s and Macs sometime in 2014.

The news comes as part of a conference call (no doubt where the recent Star Wars also got publically revealed), wherein EA confirmed the title for next year, and reps from developers the Sims Studio didn’t say much more about what makes the game new – teasing only improvements to the Create A Sim mode and Buy features. What Sims Studios did mention is to look forward to more details in August, though I’ve got a feeling that we’ll hear a little something at EA’s E3 conference.


However, one very interesting report did happen to hit a Sims fansite, in which what appears to be a press release from EA confirming that the game will have an offline single player component. Of course, there’s no official word from the Sims studio, but after the insane reaction from SimCity, another EA game that’s always online right now wouldn’t exactly be the most positive news.

Otherwise, not much info. It’ll be safe to say expect plenty of expansion packs and a console version soon, but for now, rest easy knowing there’s a new Sims game on the horizon.