Month: May 2013

Hands On: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The XCOM series has seen a recent resurgence, buoyed largely by the success of Firaxis’ brilliant XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The mix of turn based squad tactics and resource management worked superbly to immerse you in the universe that XCOM takes place in, and the permanent death of your squadmates added to the gravity of your

New Game Plus – S02E16

This week's ep is dedicated to everyone's favourite activity on the couch with another person: co-op gaming. We review Star Trek, Battleblock Theatre and Army Of Two: Devil's cartel. Feature-wise, we sneak a look at Battle Arena Melbourne, and had interviews with Ted Price of Insomniac about their latest game FUSE, and the guys behind

NG+ Feature – Planeswalker Plus 'Learn to Play'

Join us for the very first installment of Planeswalker Plus! New Game Plus' monthly Magic: The Gathering segment. Our host, Alice Clarke will introduce you to the game and guide you through the basic rules. Check in next month as we introduce our four players who will be building a deck on a budget!

Wordfight! Blood Dragon Edition!

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is first and foremost a big, loving homage to the dumb, burly action movies of the 80s. But with its over-the-top attitude and neon excess, its a tribute with its tongue drilled hard into its cheek. On the most recent episode of New Game Plus, I took great issue with Blood

Xbox One Revealed

Early this morning, Microsoft announced their new Xbox One with more announcements to come at their E3 press conference but here is what was announced today. First up we have some details about what is inside the box. Similar to the sony route, Microsoft have gone with architecture similar to that of a PC featuring an 8 core

New Game Plus – S02E15

It's been five long weeks, but we are back, and we have a heap of new content! Alongside our reviews of Super Knights, FC3: Blood Dragon and Injustice, we also interview Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame, Jon Day from Disney Infinity, and we bring the Magic with an exclusive reveal of an upcoming MtG card,

WiiU Focused Nintendo Direct Broadcasting Tonight

To counter-act the “WiiU has no games” argument, Nintendo seeks to remedy this by hosting a new Nintendo Direct broadcast to elaborate on and perhaps even announce some new titles for 2013. “But Matt, when will this happen?” you ask. It’s much closer than you think! This upcoming Nintendo Direct will commence tonight. The notice given

EA no longer utilising Online Passes

  In what has been one of the better recent executive decisions, Electronic Arts have decided to knock off the Online Pass feature that has been bundled with many of their recent titles. Originally implemented to discourage pre-owned game sales and to cull piracy, EA’s own John Reseburg had announced that newly released EA titles

Hands On: Remember Me

Very recently, it feels as if there has been a rise of cyberpunk influence in the industry. From the cyberhacking stylings of Watch_Dogs to the PMC dominated universe of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, it seems that developers are comfortable at the last legs of this generation and are now pushing the limits with ambitious and

EA No Longer Licensing Real Guns, But May Still Use Real Guns

EA has severed licensing ties with gun manufacturers. The company told Reuters that it will no longer pay gun companies to use their names and guns, however this won’t prevent these guns from featuring in future EA titles. It has been industry practice for publishers like EA and Activision to have deals in place with