Telltale Announce Poker Night 2

Poker Night at the Inventory was a weird game. It’s completely different from Telltales norm of adventure games, and while it wasn’t the best Poker game, it was an entertaining enough and pretty darned funny to see characters like Strong Bad or Max or the Heavy interacting with one another. And hey, you got some pretty decent Team Fortress 2 unlocks out of it.  Though I can’t honestly say I was expecting a sequel any time soon, and sure enough, that’s what Telltale have done. And before you ask, it’s not an April Fools joke – Poker Night 2 is a legit game and it’ll be hitting PSN, XBLA and PC/Mac later this month.

As far as the game goes (announced via Telltale themselves), it’ll be identical to the last game wherein four completely unrelated licensed characters play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker (or, as one of the new additions, Omaha style poker). The four characters you’ll be playing against? Sam from Sam & Max, Ash from Army of Darkness (sadly lacking the voice of Bruce Campbell), Brock Samson from The Venture Bros, and Claptrap from Borderlands. To cap that off, there’s a new dealer for Poker Night 2, Glados from Portal. And if the last game was any indication, each character looks to weirdly fit the game well, and be shockingly well written. Still, interesting to see Telltale go outside of videogames to grab characters this time around.

The other big thing about the game? It’s coming with quite the bevy of unlocks for your system of choice, as well as for specific games. Regardless of what you’re playing on, you’ll receive new items for Borderlands 2, including Max masks and Brock Samson hairdos. As for the specific unlocks, the PS3 version comes with exclusive themes, the 360 version comes with avatar items and the PC version comes with exclusive items for Team Fortress 2. Otherwise, very tempting to double dip.

Overall, seems like a logical extension to the franchise that honestly came right out of left field. It’s rather disappointing about the change in voice actor for Ash, but otherwise, rather interested to see the banter and get me some awesome items.