Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Announced

Last year, Konami put out two trailers for what appeared to be two different Metal Gear products – the first, an open world game by the name of “Ground Zeroes“. It was the first time we’d seen any proper footage from Konami’s FOX Engine, and looked damned stunning. The second was at the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards, in which we were introduced to Moby Dick Studio, its CEO Joakim Mogren, and the game: The Phantom Pain. Ever since that trailer came out, there’s been plenty of discussion as to whether or not Konami are putting out two Metal Gear games concurrently, of if they’re the same game, if Mogren is a real person or a creation of the FOX Engine, or if Hideo Kojima is making fools out of all of us. The answer to most of these questions? Yes, and The Phantom Pain & Ground Zeroes are one and the same – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Hideo Kojima announced the game at his GDC talk, wherein he gave a 90 minute presentation about the power of FOX Engine (which is also powering the next Pro Evolution Soccer game), showing off a trailer for the game, whilst giving some base information on the game. Firstly, it’ll be a current gen game, hitting the PS3 and 360 sometime in the undisclosed future. Secondly, it’ll be an open world game…and that’s all we know. The trailer doesn’t exactly give us much new information on the storyline of the game, except reconfirming the “born from two phantoms” line that caused a lot of discussion, and promising a conflict of “FOX vs XOF”.  The only truly new bit of information is that David Hayter won’t be returning to voice Big Boss, something that he confirmed very disappointingly on his Twitter.

So, it’s a start. Kinda amazed that it’s hitting current gen platforms and not announced for PS4 and the Future Xbox. Though now we begin the fun part of Metal Gear pre-release, the endless discussion and endless hypothesis…