Love Heart(h) Competition

Frozen Hearth

Reckon you know how to pronounce ‘Frozen Hearth’? Keen up to get a copy of the game and review it? Then enter our competition!

Here at New Game Plus, we’re pretty proud that we have a diverse team. However, this brings up issues every so often, and in this case, a disagreement on exactly how to pronounce the ‘Hearth’ in ‘Frozen Hearth’, Epiphany Games’ latest offering. Is it “her-th”, or “har-th”, or “hee-aarth”?

So now we look to you, dear viewer, to solve our conundrum and win one of five copies of the game, thanks to Epiphany Games.

To enter, send us an email or Facebook message (you can voice record now!) telling us how to pronounce it and click ‘YES’ on their Steam Greenlight Page to help them get their game out there. Support your local devs!

BUT! It doesn’t end there.

To support them further, we want you to play the game, and tell us what you think. Post up your own mini-review on our Facebook page and argue with Tim about how wrong or right he was!

Enter via email at [email protected], or our Facebook page. Entries close 25th April 2013.

Find out more about the game at The Official Website, and check out a gameplay trailer here.