Saints Row IV Announced, Hitting This August

For a good long while now, there’ve been a lot of reports on the future direction of the Saints Row series post Saints Row The Third. At first, there was an expansion pack that got delayed to be turned into a full game, dubbed “The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise”. Then it was silent for a good long while until the unfortunate closing of THQ; and the subsequent sale of Volition to Koch Media. From there, plenty of rumours have been popping up that said Saints Row game will be released this year, round about August. Well, safe to say those rumours are true – today, Deep Silver & Volition announced Saints Row IV, coming to PS3, PC and Xbox 360, and will be releasing this August.

The setup for the game is, as you’d expect, pretty insane. Following the events of SRTT, the Boss of the Saints is elected President of the United States, and is tasked with dealing with a gigantic alien invasion threatening the earth. The aliens then capture the Saints and transport them into a virtual version of Steelport. Instead of them being forced to solve the aliens maze and made to jump through hoops, this somehow allows the Saints to develop superpowers, and they’ll be using them to defeat the aliens.

That’s all we know about the game for the moment, though we should be hearing more come next week, as Deep Silver have announced they’ll be showing the game off at PAX East. If anything, I really do hope Volition have taken some of the lessons learnt from SRTT to heart (like not making the player invincible by the end of the game, thereby breaking DLC), and I’m hoping Deep Silver haven’t needed to meddle with the game too much. And given how long the game’s been in the works, it shouldn’t necessarily feel like it’ll be rushed to get out before GTA V. I’m optimistic, but cautiously so.