Capcom/Valve Announce Resident Evil 6 X Left 4 Dead 2 Project

With a release due next week, Capcom have been pulling out a lot of stops for the PC version of the much maligned Resident Evil 6. Aside from making the game look and run sensationally, the publisher has one more trick up it’s sleeve. That being a crossover with Valve, and it’s own zombie/mutant shooter, Left 4 Dead 2.  It’s not it’s own game obviously (which would be incredibly interesting to see, mind you), but a combination of exclusive content for both Resident Evil 6 and Left 4 Dead 2, Capcom reveals

Let’s begin with the RE6 side. For the PC version, there’s an exclusive variant of the Mercenaries mode known as “No Mercy”, wherein you’ll get to play as the four survivors from Left 4 Dead 2 – Coach, Rochelle, Ellis and Nick, in addition to the RE6 characters. But that’s not all the L4D content coming over, as regardless of the Resident Evil or L4D characters chosen, you’ll have two of the special infected to deal with – The Witch and Mini-Tank. Best of all? This content is absolutely free, and should be hitting from April 5th.

As for the Left 4 Dead 2 side, it’s a little less crazy, but still pretty cool. Basically, Valve are adding three of the BOW’s from RE6 into the game – Ogroman, Lepotitsa and Napad.  Aside from all three providing interesting new challenges to deal with and new stats to deal with them (in addition to the normal amounts of infected and special infected, of course), this content will again, be free, but it won’t be hitting as immediately as the RE6 content. You’ll have to wait till later in the year for that.

Overall, it’s a real interesting pairing here. It’s made me want to reinstall L4D2, but also makes me want to check out the PC version of RE6. Now that we know Capcom love themselves the PC again and are going to these lengths, may I propose a Dragons Dogma PC port? That’d do wonders…